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React, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Google Chrome, Code Patch, Eclipse IDE, CVS, Git


Beautifies Git and CVS code patches on the browser. The new version of previously known as Eclipse Patch Viewer bookmarklet.


  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Light/ dark mode


  1. Open a code patch file on a Chrome browser
  2. Click on the ecdiff extension icon

Toggle dark mode on options page: Right click on the ecdiff extension icon then click on "Options".

Heads up! To format local code patch files at file:///, enable "Allow access to file URLs" on "chrome://extensions/?id=jockmidhjggcfnfdinaihmndknopjjij".

Supported code patches

  • git diff
  • unified diff code patches created with Eclipse IDE
  • unified diff code patches created with CVS diff

Syntax highlighting support


Icons made by Ilham Fitrotul Hayat from Flaticon and generated with

Code patch attachment used as screenshot -


This project is completely free and developed during my free time. If this piece of software helps you, consider donating any amount on my Ko-fi page. Thanks!

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