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Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS


Verify NBI clearance authenticity and validity online by entering NBI ID. Check if NBI clearance is still valid or expired. Easily share profile link. All of the NBI clearance data is fetched via NBI's unlisted API.

This project is developed and maintained by Noel Earvin Piamonte and aims to present the NBI clearance data in a different way.


This website nor I is affiliated with The National Bureau of Investigation, however, all the NBI clearance data are fetched from the NBI by using their unlisted API.

This project will be archived if the NBI asks me to take it down or if they decide to restrict their unlisted API.


This website does not store any personal data from users except for the following:

Social media preview thumbnail - This thumbnail is automatically generated whenever the NBI clearance link on this website is pasted or shared on social media networks. All preview thumbnails are stored in my personal Cloudinary account.


This project is built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. The template used is publicly available on my GitHub account.

The source code of this project will be publicly available when I feel pretty. At the moment, I give thanks to the creators of the resources that I used in building this project:


This project is completely free to use and developed during my free time. If this piece of software helps you, consider donating any amount on my Ko-fi page. Thanks!

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