Twitter Stripped

Screenshot of Twitter Stripped

CSS, Google Chrome


A Google Chrome extension for minimal Twitter experience for web. (v0.1.0)

This project was initially for my personal use. Trends, who to follow, and the messages tab are too noisy for me so I decided to build this extension to remove those.

The extension strips down components that are less important than just reading the feed (at least for me :wink ).

Components removed

  • "Search Twitter"
  • "Trends for you"
  • "Who to follow"
  • "Explore" link
  • "Tweet" button
  • "Messages" tab on footer
  • dropdown icon on profile link
  • likes counter
  • retweets counter
  • comments/ sub-tweets counter
  • who liked a Tweet
  • who retweeted a Tweet
  • footer


  • Your decision to like and retweet will be based on the content of the Tweet instead of depending on the numbers/ counter.
  • You won't be distracted with the trends. Less stress IMO.
  • You won't be able to see the annoying "Messages" tab. Who decided to put this and didn't put a close button ?!
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