August 13, 20212 min read

GitHub, VS Code, Git

Wow. You can now browse and write code on any accessible GitHub repositories on a web browser officially. Just visit a repo on GitHub and press the . (period) key on your keyboard.

The browser will open a VS Code right on the current tab with the files from the repository.

Example, visit repository:

  1. Press .
  2. VS Code fires up on the browser
  3. You can then browse and write code on the repository
A screencast of a GitHub project redirecting to GitHub Codespaces after pressing the period key.

What happens is that the original GitHub repo URL redirects to Here's a list of some of the HTTP requests for the geeks.

A screenshot of a list of some of the HTTP requests.

From the example, redirects to after pressing . on the keyboard.

This means you can just replace .com with .dev and you can instantly load a project on VS Code on the web browser. It loads on mobile browsers too!

A screencast of VS Code on the web browser with the opened repository.

One thing to note is that you must be signed in to GitHub to open a repo on VS Code directly on the browser. If not signed in, pressing . will do nothing and accessing directly the .dev URL shows up the sign in page of GitHub (at least at this time of writing).

I also said "officially" because you can also browse GitHub repo files on a VS Code-like web app GitHub1s.

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