October 4, 20211 min read

JavaScript, Google Chrome

One year ago today, I released daylight - a note-taking app for Google Chrome.

The name daylight is named after Joji's song "Daylight".

On the "Settings" page, under "Notes Template", type [daylight], hit "Save" and you'll get a random line from the song on the new tab when it resets.

Users can write down notes up to 999 characters long. It is a reference to the number of characters in the song.

Thank you to the current users of daylight.

A screenshot daylight page on Chrome Web Store

The source code of the project has a few other easter eggs referencing the song.

It's only written in vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No library. No framework. It's probably an ordinary way to build something like this, but it forms an element.

Now playing :Not playing any music.