Breathe Without

March 14, 20211 min read

Music, EDM, Melodic Dubstep

Can we talk about how many unreleased collabs Nurko have? This guy is owning melodic dubstep even with the remixes.

Here's a list of unreleased music/ IDs with Nurko:

  • "Nurko x Adventure Club - ID"
  • "Nurko x ARMNHMR - ID"
  • "Nurko x Dabin - When This is Over"
  • "Nurko x ILLENIUM - Sideways"
  • "Nurko x William Black - Worth It"

It amazes me how long it takes for music to reach it's official release after it being announced, or leaked; at least for EDM as far as I know. Some even take years!

Check out the song of The Chainsmokers and ARMNHMR for example: ("The Chainsmokers x ARMNHMR - ID"). It was premiered in early 2019 and still unreleased. It was also rumored that Phoebe Ryan was the vocals.

I've been following Nurko since "Take You Down" remix and this guy never miss! Also, With You hits different.

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