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March 13, 20211 min read

Swift, iOS, Xcode

Error Domain=WebKitErrorDomain Code=102 "Frame Load Interrupted" ...

This is probably the most obnoxious error that I've encountered this year (so far) and I never resolved this issue. Probably this can't be resolved and this shouldn't be dealt on the client side (the webview itself)???

Here are my suggestions if you encountered this error in WKWebview in Swift:

  • check if the URL scheme of the request is valid and uses https.
  • check if the header Content-type of the URL requested is valid (e.g. application/json).
  • check if there are too many redirects that makes the webview rendering too long to complete.
  • check if the file type of the resource being requested is valid (e.g. pdf, txt...).
  • check the request state on the other navigation methods if there's something wrong.
  • lastly, probably also check Page 2 of Google search results;

If you're already on the deep end, stop dealing with this error and try other ways to build the feature you're building.

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