Reflections, 2020

December 13, 20202 min read


I've been a software developer (mostly for the web) for 6 years. I always enjoy building products that at least solve my day to day problems. I spent most of my career as an independent developer and I get most of my projects at

On December of 2018, I became a senior web developer for Bentacos IT & Services. That's my first official startup/ corporate job after spending my career remotely (at home) for a long time since graduating college in 2014.

October 15, 2020 was my last day for them. The reason the managers gave me was that they cannot pay me anymore with my rate even though they already cut my salary by 20% back in June. I kind of felt sad on my last day because I knew that it would be the last day that I will be able to work with great people that I know.

I'm extremely fortunate to lead an IT team coming from a freelancer background. I'm happy that I'm able to contribute to their business and the team. I haven't said this personally but I'm thankful to my former colleagues.

I took a break for a month before I started looking for a new job. It feels good to disconnect from social media and just have time for myself.

I'm excited that I will be joining a new organization before the year ends. I'm looking forward to build and maintain great products that will help businesses as well as individuals.

— @earvinpiamonte

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