iframe website viewer


Screenshot of iframe website viewer

JavaScript, jQuery

A client project that loads a website on an iframe.

How it works

Users can enter a web address on the form and the website is dynamically loaded in the iframe occupying the whole page.

Clicking on links within the website address provided dynamically loads on the iframe.

Code snippet

Here's a snippet of the script.


  // on click on submit
  $('#submit').on('click', function(){

    // set website url
    var $websiteURL = $('[name="website_url"]');

    // set location
    var $location = $('[name="location"]:checked');

    // if website url or location is not set then do nothing
    if ($websiteURL.val().trim() == '' || $location.val() == undefined) {
      return false;

    var urlParts = $websiteURL.val().split('/');

    var protocol = urlParts[0];

    if (location.protocol == 'https:' && protocol != 'https:') {
      alert('ERROR: You\'re on a secure (HTTPS) website, but you\'ve entered a non-secure site.');
      return false;

    // log location
    console.log({ location: $location.val() });

    // hide form and parent

    // set src and show
    $('#iframe').attr('src', $websiteURL.val()).show();




The font used was AvenirNext and all the styles are provided by the client.

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