Here are some of my works as an independent developer. If you need a similar project and you're interested to purchase, email me at earvin.piamonte@gmail.com.

GridLife Music web page screenshot,

GridLife Music

2020 Bootstrap, jQuery, YouTube Data API, YouTube Player API

A website that can search and play audio of a video from YouTube. The site also features light and dark theme. Versions

v2 and v3 of this site are also available.

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SSL Validator web page screenshot,

SSL Validator

2020 Laravel, Bootstrap

A simple website that accepts a domain name and returns SSL certificate details, IP address and DNS servers. This project is submitted to the client as it is and the link provided here is a demo site.

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Solar ROI Calculator web page screenshot,

Solar ROI Calculator

2020 Laravel, Bootstrap

A website that calculates financial benefits of solar. There are three types of calculator available on the site respectively Purchase, Loan and PPA.

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Thribby Order Manager web page screenshot,

Thribby Order Manager

2020 React Native, Expo

A tablet app used by restaurant personnel. This is a front-end project with


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